An exclusive interview with Pastor Paul Obadare, the G.O of WOSEM


David-Crown Orefeko, a correspondent of Livingwater Radio was opportune to hold an exclusive interview with the General overseer of the World Soul-winning Evangelistic Ministry. After the conclusion of the “Oluwa Olorun Koseunti Anniversary” in the city of Akure, Ondo state Nigeria, David had an exclusive moment of detailed discussion on the mission of the ministry and how well the ministry has been moving under his leadership and with the Grace of God. Pastor Paul Obadare, son of the World Renowned Apostle, Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare, gave a detailed insight into the ministry and its progress so far. Below is the detailed interview between our correspondent, David-Crown and Pastor Paul Obadare;

LWRADIO: Good afternoon sir, I would love to first congratulate you on the success of the just concluded 50th year anniversary of Koseunti.

Pastor P. Obadare: We thank God for the success.

LWRADIO: : As the biological son of late baba Apostle Timothy Odadare I understood that you were in the U.S for a long period of time before you came back to take up Baba’s mantle, please kindly share with us your ministry experience?

Pastor P. Obadare: We thank God for the life of Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare, He’s never a late person, a late person is late but when someone is still alive in the spirit, the person embodied is not late. Currently, his spirit is working, the calling of the man is working, surely and we can see the presence of God in that ministry. Now the work God committed into his hands became our passion because that is what God asked us to go and do, World soul-winning evangelistic ministry. My own ministry as you would say is the continuity, that is my calling, that is my ministry and with that, I also have other things God has committed into my hands to also do for humanity.

Yes, I am his first son and I left Nigeria many years ago, I went to study in Britain, from Britain to America and I have pastor several churches before God brought me back to my root and then I started working in Christ Apostolic Church in 1985 and by 1986 I started working as a full time minister in America, worked there before God gave me the grace to become the general Secretary for the mission in America for many years and then the General Overseer of the churches in America.

Towards the beginning of 2010/2011 I came to Nigeria to start work with the home base and we are grateful for what the lord has done, yes, because of where we came from, the cultural differences, ministerial differences there are a lot of challenges at the beginning but we thank God because we have gone through all that, scaled through and things are going the way God has told us to do.

LWRADIO: Interesting! sir, could you please share with us on how you feel on the occasion of the golden Jubilee Anniversary of KOSEHUNTI. It has really come a long way, because if a baby was given birth to then, he or she will be 50 now and would have become a parent or even be preparing to become a grandparent.  Sir will you please share with us on how you feel on this golden Jubilee Anniversary of KOSEHUNTI program.

Pastor P. Obadare: It is a feeling of accomplishment in God, that God of Kosehunti himself celebrated himself because it all about Him. When God called his son/servant He said  I’m giving you a commission for my people, there are people who have been going through different means to be satisfied, they had issues and God has seen that people are now running towards the wrong thing for solution, that was why he said to him okay, start this message, start this monthly program. The message came to him in 1969 he was still jittering about it but when the message kept coming he had no choice but to start the work February 1st 1970. KOSEHUNTI started just in a small place and they use to have two services, 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours in the evening after awhile God brought good men and women together and they started and we have seen how KOSEHUNTI moved from one place to new size to big and bigger size and we have seen progression in the past fifty years, God has been faithful doing what He was doing with the Apostle because the bible says He confirms messages or word of the apostles with signs and wonders, so we have seen that.

So, celebrating 50th golden Jubilee was a joy for us  to say thank you Jesus for your integrity, for faithfulness, for you made a covenant and you stood by your covenant even after the man was received by You, You still continue Your work, so this march will be the 7th year that Apostle was taken home by God and we are still celebrating the ministry just as if it started yesterday.

LWRADIO: still talking about the man of God, he’s your father, you know him too well. What do you appreciate most about Baba Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare?

Pastor P. Obadare: The power of God in integrity, ministry is integrity. I love the integrity, I love the power of God demonstrating in him, without him wanting to draw attention to himself and I think that’s one of the things I cherish most in the ministry of the Apostles with the power and grace God has given to him, he doesn’t like to draw people to himself, Baba will say look unto Jesus.

Unlike many today, with little miracle we would blow it into the air and talk more about it. I see Baba’s ministry as the ministry of Jesus, Jesus blessed many people but He will always say He loves the lowly, the people who have the right spirit, a soft and humble spirit as I see that as a ministry of integrity. Baba will not spare anybody to tell him the truth, whether you are a king, president, whatever position you are he will not beat his tongue, he will tell you exactly what God says, what you are doing is not what God told me about this nation this is bible, he’s not someone who will look into the bible before he tells you a message, he will tell you right there, which is again missing in the Christian world today. Today we are so passive we see many wrong things and just take our eyes off it.

LWRADIO:  The apostle Dr. Timothy Oluwole Obadare was a figure of great influence and important in the body of Christ. So, how do you intend to fill his vacuum?

Pastor P. Obadare: I believe it is God who fills a vacuum. It is God who appoints his own people to do their bidding at their own time.  We all have our own time and there are different ways God uses us. we were looking for who was going to replace Moses that was in the bible, everybody will be reading who is the next man, but God didn’t choose another Moses. God choose a Joshua to fill the spot of Moses because He had used Moses to a level, that now it is time for sharing, it is time for settlement, it is time for covenant fulfillment. We have ministries; prophetic ministry is a great ministry. God will bring somebody else who will say oh okay fine you have had it, let me use another gift that will keep my work going. So, I believe that whatever the Lord give to us to do His work at our own time, we ask for more grace to do it, without having to copy but to be ourselves and allow God to use us in the way He has called to do suit.

LWRADIO: Sir, Looking at the past dispensation considering the Men of God that brought in African churches in comparison with the present dispensation, now, knowing that Baba was an Apostle, he combined all the five fold ministry gifts, we know he was an authority. In attempts to compare people’s expectations at the time and presently, discussions with some youths of the ministry revealed that some people will want to rather work with someone who exercises the prophetic ministry, raising the bar of expectations, we discover that today people want someone who can pastor and teach the word of God, How do you intend to bring everybody on board sir?

Pastor P. Obadare: firstly, God knows what we need in our own time that is why timing in ministry is important. The time of our fathers is the time a whole lot of people are expecting signs and wonders, they are expecting prophetic issues, there are lots of happenings in our time. This time is the time of knowledge, time of computer and time of research, that is our own time and so, God has prepared everyone choose in his own dispensation to handle his timing at their own dispensation.

So what we need to do this time is to have the yearning from the younger people to say I also want to be useful at my time, I also want to contribute my quarter, I want to learn, I want to be trained, I want the tools in my hands to be sharpened well and I want to be directed at the right place, send the arrow where is right. That is what I believe we need now.

Our young people are agitating, they are full of energy, we want it to be the right energy centered at the right place right. It will mean that we work together as a team and we identify our weaknesses as a ministry, we say okay, what is it that we need? All the gift, Has God given them to us. So before somebody becomes an apostle, God would have taken him from stage 1 to 2 and trust him. Our apostle, we know him as a pastor but his work was not to pastor a church, he was an evangelist right from the beginning. So he can start the church but I don’t see baba pastoring a church. Baba would start the church and put a pastor there and he’s gone. So he has given them and trained them, move them from one level to another before they get to being an apostle and an apostle  bring forth all the gifting, an apostle must be able to teach and lead, it is a leadership position. He is someone who operates under the ministry of an evangelist, who is an outreach person and that is what we are doing now. This is field of an apostle which our father has left for us, a field that our father have left for us to occupy and fill, meaning we’ve  got to be a right teacher to our people, be an evangelist, we’ve got to have the discerning spirit which is used by the prophets to discern what is right and what is wrong and we’ve got to move on to satisfy the people. We are gift to the body of Christ, the body of Christ must recognize our gifting, when the body of Christ recognize our gifting, we would be able to work together. So, what is the gift of a man God has sent to you? Recognize it and be willing to work with that gift then it works. But if you want to make that man somebody else, you will miss it, then the revival you are expecting will not happen because you are missing it. What gift did God give you? Once you know the gift He has given to you, key into that gift, other things you are looking for is in the gift of the sent person but recognize the gift first, appreciate it, join your hand with it. Whether you are looking for prophetic auction, Apostolic, pastoral, evangelist or teacher, that gift that God has given to that person, one by one will begin to manifest because you have key into it.

LWRADIO: Thank you sir. that been said, I learnt that your great grandfather and grandfather were men of God.

Pastor P. Obadare: All the line were priestly lines.

LWRADIO: should we say God has a special interest in your family or lineage or could it be heredity?

Pastor P. Obadare: You know God knows the beginning to the end and the end to the beginning, so He just choose that line because there are other Obadare’s that were not priest but this line from our grandfather up to our own level, we say about four to five generation has been priest consistently. God has just being bringing one or another, God has being faithful to the family over the generations we have seen a lot of ministers and those who are daughters married to a minister, even our daughters married to ministers . So, it has been God’s favor over this family. We hope that God will have mercy on us and keep His work going on and on.

LWRADIO: Could you relay or share with us how you receive your call and your reactions or response to Gods calling.

Pastor P. Obadare: Well, two things I will say to you about that, before I was born, my father asked for a son that will serve God like Samuel, so the assignment is already determined before I got here. Secondly, Because you are from that source doesn’t mean we can key into it except we now go to God to ask by ourselves what is it that You have asked me to do because cannot pass it can’t be passed on. In a dream I saw everybody running for his life and I was running  and an old man said I should stop, I stopped and looked at him, I saw him praying over me, he said today is my salvation, receive your salvation  and I was already a pastor when this happened. I can’t remember going out and give my life to Jesus but I remember him telling me vividly look at your back, I looked at my back and he was talking about the blood of Jesus and the coming of the Lord. I said this is it, that is how I can say to you that yes, I too have the experience. You talk about anointing, as soon as I finished my school work, I had to pray, several fasting and prayer. I need to confirm this work you are asking me to do and in several time, the lord confirmed it, the lord revealed many things. Just very young man, I knew what God was downloading to me, I knew what he was saying to me, I was just like a small Prophet at my little age. I knew that ultimately, this is going to be my place of service. At a time, I will have to study God’s word , go to the room to wait and ask the Lord to fill me with the holy spirit and equip me.

LWRADIO: There was a little boy who ministered at the KOSHEUNTI Anniversary program, who was referred to as a prophet. Sir how did you discovered him?

Pastor P. Obadare: Going to two years when he and his father visited me and the young prophet started sharing with me what the Lord spoke to him about the ministry of Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare, how the Lord was saying to him, that is where you must go to start work as a covenant . So, he said he received that message several times, went to his father who said he has to go, you have to be obedient to what the Lord has spoken, about coming up, been trained, working with him and just like a spiritual covering. So, we started working with him, with the family believing that God has prepared and positioned many people on our way to get us where He wanted us to get to and so if we have that grace to also bring forth generation after us, that they begin to do what God want them to do. And been there to help and work with them, is a blessing, so it is a honor to bring other generation up that will continue the work of God. Work of God doesn’t have respect, God doesn’t have respect for man and can bring anybody from any angle to keep this work going . so, it a pleasure for us to have you come and share a vision with us. We welcome him, we work together, pray together and we see that by God’s grace the vision is fulfilled.


Pastor P. Obadare: You already seen what is happening now, we thank God for the youth, we thank God everybody is waking up, I think the attitude is changing now. The gift that God has given to all our youth, we are on social media, everything we have God has given to us , we use it towards the gifting and we broadcast it. God has given to us Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, we have all kinds of social media platforms.

LWRADIO: Sir, on a final note in this interview, what will you like to tell everyone that is related to this ministry worldwide and those in attendances for the 50th anniversary?

Pastor P. Obadare:  I want to appeal to all WOSEMITE, all the people that came, all the people that are friends of WOSEM to keep the integrity of the foundation, no matter where we are, the foundation that was laid before us need not to be compromise. Revelation changes, condition changes, many things happening but, the word of God cannot change. So, I want to encourage them that they should be light wherever they are, people should know that they are different, as a ministry you are different , whether I like it or not what God committed into my hand will be my responsibilities to give account of. Nothing should change them, no condition, poverty, or I don’t have money, lack and all kinds of stuff that we are going through, people coming to tell lies, people living double lives no, live the life that God has called us to live, knowing fully well that if you are for the ministry, God has called His son, whatever His son did not do, don’t do it. The example left for us, we should carry it on, that is the ministry of integrity. God will uphold us that we would not fail and we would not be another pointing finger ministry that are just talking anyway. We don’t want to be part of it, we want God to help us to maintain the integrity.

LWRADIO: Thank you sir for having me and the station here, we appreciate the time you have sacrificed to attend to us. Thank You very much sir, we pray that God continually increases you on all sides.

Pastor P. Obadare: Amen, thank you.

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