AT A TIME LIKE THIS- Mary Mercy Osinubi


At a time when the whole world is panicking and afraid of the pandemic disease (corona virus), at a time when terrorism and killing of innocent people have become rampant especially in Africa, with different occurrence of natural disasters like the Jakarta flooding, Taal volcano eruption, Australia’s deadly bushfire and many more, at a time when the abnormal has suddenly become normal and the normal, abnormal, What do we do?

Death is recorded per second amounting to millions of death within a short period of time; hunger, a familiar relative to the masses because of the selfish act of some greedy individuals who always want to have more and in most cases, have all, without thinking of the poor,

Horrible Human thoughts without acknowledging God, some in fact see Him as a go-to God only when needs arise.

Here we are, in time when the word of God is scarce and people aren’t bothered because all they want, is the destruction of the enemies in their household and lineage, while some are only interested in outshining their neighbors.

At a time like this, we need God, yes we need to pray, Praying as communication and fellowship

Prayers to make all your of supplications about the world known to God, Prayer for our enemies in repentance to God

At this time, God needs intercessors, God needs lovers, He wants men with passion, with zeal to reach out to the dying world, Yes, Men with compassion that love God much more than they love money or ephemeral things , Men with characters that can bring people to the knowledge of God, Men with beautiful feet of the gospel of Christ.

At a time like this, God needs YOU to rise up and take charge, He wants you to dominate, He wants you to exercise the power he has given to you in healing the dying world

At a time like this, you need GOD and GOD needs YOU


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