At a time like this- Olaolu Akinwande


This is a time when the whole wide world (www) is running uncontrollably to get a lasting solution to the pandemic allegedly caused by man.

Before the strike of COVID-19 late 2019 and a global outbreak early 2020, many were busy thinking, strategizing and designing the year 2020, but man proposes, while God disposes.

Though, it is never too late to follow your plan(s) to the point of execution or better still you could decide to re-strategize on best way to achieve your goals and ambition for the year. The fact remain it is not and never late to take actions.

Once the Federal Government lifts or relaxes the lockdown order, you should be ready to lift your hands to strike the strategy to hit the ground running for achievement.

Do not feel depressed or broken that your plan or plans are not achievable again neither should you lose all hope.
In the blink of an eye, a lot could change and happen with evidence and result of positivism, so do not relax, once you are still breathing, hope is very much alive.

Remember, destiny can only be delayed, it can’t be denied. They say,
For if in your story you want to share your delay experience, then take action now, move don’t be moved.

Never say die, until the bones are rotten.

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