CAN shows support for reopening of churches


The Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) has called for reopening of churches over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its General Secretary Barr. Joseph Daramola said it was wrong of government authorities to continue closing churches when other aspects of national life have started taking shape.

In the past week, Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel International, David Oyedepo, had openly questioned the continuous closure of churches over the coronavirus pandemic, alleging some ulterior motives.

Bishop Oyedepo, who spoke during the Covenant Hour of Prayer Programme last Wednesday, said if markets could be opened for six hours, there was no reason churches should not be opened for two hours.

The revered cleric said he believed there was a gang up against the growth of the church in the country.

This over the week as seen mixed reactions, has some renowned Pastors have threw their weight in support of this, while others believe it is right and safe decision for the church.

One of the notable Pastors who has disagreed on the reopening of Churches in Nigeria is The Senior Pastor of The Covenant Christian Centre Lagos, Pastor Poju Oyemade. He disagreed with prominent preachers who have questioned the continuous closure of churches over the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Pastor Poju while celebrating his birthday on his Instagram page, said the closure of churches does not in any way stop the Holy Spirit from working.

Making reference to the Bible, he said: “The sick healed in the book of Acts were healed on the streets, in people’s homes, in public places and not within the four walls of a Church.”

He added: “Closing the doors of a physical building does not in any way mean the closure of the anointing of the Spirit from working.

“Church buildings may be shut down but true faith and the anointing of the Spirit has not stopped working.

“There is a difference between expression of emotions and the manifestation of the anointing to heal the sick.

“There is nowhere in Jesus’s ministry where the healing of the sick was preceded by a congregational service.

“In the Book of Acts, the sick were healed predominantly on the streets with no fanciful service going on.

“Closure of a church building does not stop the rivers of living water from flowing out of your belly. It resides in our inner man.

“There was collective prayer to receive a supply of the Spirit which led to outdoor manifestations.

He referred to Apostle Paul insisting Christians don’t have to be together in a physical space to receive that supply.

“Did he not say to the Church at Phillipi, I know this shall turn to my salvation through your prayers and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus? The Church was miles away from where Paul was.

“Charles Finney began a massive revival by people praying in their homes all keeping watches at the same time. They all chose the exact time to pray and they did in their homes until the Spirit broke out on the streets.

“They did not criticise any other Church or ministry of weakness. Criticizing others doesn’t attest to the fact that you have strength. They only stayed with God until something broke out on the streets.”

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