Identity (Part 2)- Establishing Identity in Christ


It is important for all to know, life is in stages or phases. The phase of conceiving, the phase of birth, the phase of unconscious growth, the phase of Formation, the phase of application and the phase of death after which, judgment.

Here, the “Phase of Formation” is very important to everyone in identity creation, for every Children of God. This is the period where you affirm your stand with and in Christ. Temptations, challenges, confrontations, would set in, seeking you to deny who you are, but once you are able to form the right identity, you can not be moved. Remember, Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.

There are two kinds of identity during the period of Identity formation for all; a) Identity with Christ. b) Identity in Christ.

Identity with Christ: This is more physical, it is important but not the peak of identity, this is the beginning for all. Identity with Christ simply means basic outlooks attaching a person to Christ. Most times, Identity with Christ is communicated to spectators through the words of mouth, for instance, telling people you are a Christian. Factors that determines Identity with Christ include;

  1. Name: James, Timothy, Peter, John, Paul, Moses give everyone the sense of being a Christian, it establishes ones identity with Christ. From the name, one would call you a Christian. But is this enough?
  2. Church Attachment: This involves attending church programs and ones involvement in church activities.
  3. Claim: This is what we all do almost everyday, whether when asked or while filling application forms or any other. We all answer to being Christians because we were found ourselves in the path.

Those are few factors that determine our Identity with Christ, there are others too but the above are the most known. It is a fact that, claiming to be a christian is not what really makes you a christian. Been a prayer warrior, Music minister is not enough. Music ministration, prayer teaming, and some other activities are not enough, though they are necessary. These are works that would still go through testing phase, and do you know what will defend your works? your identity in Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11-15, all our works will be tested by fire, some will be rewarded and some shall suffer loss. Identity with Christ is not all that there is and that should be pursued. One of the greatest revelation I recently had was that most of the Disciples of Jesus only had identity with Christ while He was with them, not until He had left before they had the new and major identity. Therefore, because the disciples had only Identity with Christ that was why Peter could deny Jesus; Luke 22 vs 56-60, here Peter was confronted 3 times, first was a maid who saw Peter and said This man was also with him, note the “with”, she identified him with Christ, but because Peter had not grown pass that kind of identity, by transitioning to the later (Identity in Christ), he denied Him. Oh No, I don’t know Him, you are not sure of who you saw, that was what Peter could say. This happened 3 times, but after the third, reality became dawn to Peter, he knew at that point that the identity he had was not defendable and he needed to do better. Verse 62 says; And Peter went out, and wept bitterly. He needed to mend his way and transition to the undeniable identity.

This is a mistake most of us make today, being identified with Christ is not an evidence of your status in Him. A lot of people today are so comfortable with Identity with Christ, while they refuse to transition to the undeniable identity….

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